Hiring an Estate Sale Company?

Milton Estate Sales logoThere are many reasons to need an estate sale.  Is there a company that can fit all needs for all sales? That’s a good question! No matter who you hire there’s a degree of trust needed between  you and the company working the sale.  Hiring a company isn’t an exact science but there are few questions that can be asked to help make an educated decision. If you interview a few companies, ask probing questions and have more than one company that may be a good fit, the hard part is over, select the company you trust the most.

Questions to ask when hiring an estate sale company:

  • Is the company registered in Arizona?
  • Does the company have liability insurance?
  • Is the company bonded?
  • Will credit cards be accepted?
  • Does the company charge sales tax?
  • Are there any upfront fees?
  • Is there a minimum the company will charge for the sale?
  • Are there any upfront or overhead costs?
  • What is the percentage the company will charge for the sale?
  • What is the company’s availability?
  • How are prices determined?
  • What is the pricing strategy?
  • What will happen with leftover items after the sale?
  • Can I set a minimum on a few items?
  • Can I pull items before the clean-out?
  • How long is needed for the clean-out?
  • What if I have to cancel the sale?
  • How long after the sale will I be paid?

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